• Niche market knowledge and product management
  • Ready for manufacture CAD parts including carbon bicycle frames/wheels/bars, small plastic parts, and forged or CNC alloy parts
  • Design of experiments and testing of prototypes
  • Aerodynamic and structural analysis of designs (CFD and FE)
  • In-house expert on triathlon fit and aerobars
  • Coordination between international client and vendors including Viathon, Ross, Diamondback, Fuji, Parlee, Knight Composites, and Factor

Achievement Highlights:

  • Inventor of patented tubeless wheel technology
  • Project engineer for bicycle frames, wheels, and aerobars
  • Introduced improved triathlon bike fit in direct-to-consumer online bike sales


  • Software: Onshape, Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, Matlab


Knight Composites TLA (tubeless Aero) Wheels debuting in spring 2018

  • Design and conducting of experiments leading to product innovation
  • Inventor of patented TLA technology for tubeless tires
  • Product gaining commercial success and pushing “road tubeless in a good direction”

Quantifying performance change of new cycling design trends to enable KQS clients to make informed product decisions

  • Quantified of trade offs between aerodynamics, brake and shifting cable friction loss, and design cost
  • Design of experiments and presentation of findings to clients making design decisions